Thread Locking

Provides excellent resistance to vibration and loosening. The adhesive is activated during assembly and cures to form a tough polymer that locks and seals. Link

Thread Sealing

Permanently seal tapered and parallel threads, providing an instant seal, but still allowing disassembly. Link

Casting Impregnation

Seal porosity in metal castings and powder metal parts. Applied with a vacuum impregnation process that removes air from the pores and then fills the pores with liquid sealant. Link


Thread lubrication, thread masking and activators. Link

Manufacturer Specs

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For over 35 years the Bradley Group of Companies has been holding the world together. Our proprietary applications of thread lockers, sealants and nylon patches are renowned for their effectiveness and reliability. We use brand names you can trust including Loctite Driloc and 3M Scotch-Grip, Precote, all applied in our quality assured processes. Our processes also include casting impregnation for world-class performance in all your components. Our products can be found in appliances to snowmobiles, wave runners, boat motors, automotive to truck and trailer, our products Keep America Moving!